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Is there an over the counter drug similar to adderall that will provide the similar effect? Yes there is. An "amphetamine analogue." Its known by many name; but the common usage is 'speed' or 'crystal meth'. And what's so special about it specifically? Speed is the combination of methamphetamine with drug, Dexedrine. Both mixtures contain the same components. Dexenedrine mimics effects adderall like over the counter drugs of methamphetamines which is why people claim to have a 'speeded-up' life. For most speed users, they find the effects to be similar methamphetamine. The only exception I've noticed is that speed users experience a lower tolerance for amphetamines as they will need to consume less get the same benefits, just like any other drug. I'm going to assume you're saying people who take speed get faster and have that speed? Yep. And you're asking me this since I'm reading from my phone? I know how that works. So what does it look like to be on speed? To explain, let's say you take a pill of speed. Let's say it contains about 10mg of speed and 3mg dexedrine. What does the effects of pill look like? There are many different opinions on this, and I'm not going to detail them here. I'm simply going to cite what some people think or have said. I might add more information or correct things as get interesting. That's my way of making this a little more accessible. I didn't even know what speed was. I took "a few hits" and had a bunch of weird, intense, long-lasting effects. My energy level went through the roof. Yeah! It took me a couple hours to realize I was having a bad effect. I don't normally have many side effects, but this was something else. I didn't get it from taking speed. It is possible, but you are most likely to become hyperstimulated and the same effects could be expected from taking stimulants like caffeine. When you have stimulants, your physical energy level is enhanced and you can get through your day in ways drugstore online coupons codes you couldn't before. Your brain also expands, allowing more things to be processed. If you take speed, it isn't likely you will become hyperstimulated and likely experience the effects from speed without benefits. A couple people have asked me how many hits I needed to have the same effects. I actually don't think that's the right word, because I have never noticed that some people need to take more than one hit to get the same effect. It's not that you're experiencing the benefits. It's just that the "effects" you are describing Adderall ir online pharmacy more profound from the single doses. It's like taking a pill with known amount of caffeine. To get Adderal 180 pills $593.22 $3.30 the same effects you'd need to take more than one bottle of coffee. I saw videos of some people jumping out building and not feeling a thing. That does not make sense. Some people have said they felt the effects instantly. I think are more intense. Some people have said the effects lasted for hours. Again, it depends on how much you take and quickly it. This is a relatively new drug. We don't know how it behaves 100% right away. It really depends on the amount you take and how it. People have said that it's been known to cause heart attack's in certain doses. I'm not sure if I have been on speed in that amount might have had effect to begin with, but I wouldn't worry about it if you're having a heart attack right now. In Is there an over the counter medication similar to adderall a way, speed is kind of like a party drug – you could take it for hours at a time on regular basis and you wouldn't see any of the side effects. You'd simply have "stupid, out of my control" energy. So one question that comes to mind is what's the deal with fact that there are a lot of different stimulants that use the same ingredient? Speed appears in a number of different drugs, which makes it hard to classify. There are other drugs that thought to be the same ingredients. These are called "substances of abuse." Some the stimulants I mentioned earlier, such as speed and dexedrine, may be substitutes for other drugs. If someone takes a pill with speed in the same vein as methamphetamine, it could be considered the same chemical.
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How much does adderall cost in college

Thanks to everyone who visited us at EM-CON!

It was great to meet so many aspiring writers and discuss their work.  During the day several questions were asked about writing and it became apparent that many of us appear to have the same difficulties. So, I thought I’d use this blog to share some of my experiences and methods to answer these questions.  Keep visiting as I’ll be posting a new question regularly and if you have any other questions that you’d like my help with e-mail me

Although I’m sharing my methods all writers are different and conquer these problems in different ways. So why not also seek out other writers’ blogs such as Mark Cassell’s


Writers’ Questions – Preventing Tangents

I find I start a story and then get so many ideas that the plot goes off on a tangent. How do I remedy this?

This is sometimes part of the creative process, you’re still discovering what your story is about or exploring the possibilities it contains. If you are asking yourself this question then you’ve already recognised that the story won’t work with the number of ideas going into it and you’re getting to the stage where you need to consider what your story is about, so… it’s important to think about the overall story, the characters in the story and find which ideas will make the characters shine. All the other ideas can be ignored, deleted or, better still, cut and pasted into another word document to maybe use in your next story.

If you’re not sure which idea to take step away from your story for a day or two, then come back to it. It’s surprising how much such a short break can make on the perspective of the story you’re currently writing.



Writer’s Questions – Compulsion

How do I stop the compulsion to start a new story before finishing the last?

I know this well.

The number of stories I’ve started then placed to one side to do another idea… well countless. Once I stop, finding the protagonist’s voice again is the largest stumbling block and then there is always the temptation of the next idea. This has resulted in my own writing graveyard tucked away on my computer.

I still have these compulsions and still, on occasion, succumb.

To combat the compulsion I keep a pad beside me while I write (pen and paper doesn’t interrupt my typing flow) and I’ll note down everything any new idea prompts – character traits, locations and the general feel. Once this is done I go straight back to the story I’m working on.

Once I’ve completed the current story I have all the ideas I’ve noted down to start the next.



Flash Fiction Competition

Calling all sci-fi writers.

If you have ever wanted to win a writing competition – now’s your chance!

If you enjoy a challenge, can keep to a word count, and be creative with a prompt then read on…

  • Your story must be about the discovery of a slick, black orb.
  • 500 words only.
  • Genre should be sci-fi.
  • Closing date is 1st May 2014.

Winners & Prizes

  • First place will receive a £50 Amazon Voucher and publication in a Future Chronicles e-zine.
  • 4 runners-up will have their stories featured on the website.

For more information and details on how to enter, visit our submission page

Good luck!